As a small business owner, I understand first hand how creating original content for your company’s online presence gets pushed to the back burner each month. There’s simply not enough time! But from a digital marketing perspective, I can tell you that publishing original content is one of the most effective ways to ensure your brand gets noticed, which ultimately means more business for you and more money in your pocket. Check out the four most important reasons why your business should be pushing original content and even some expert tips on exactly how to develop an effective digital media strategy.

1. SEO benefits

What is SEO and why is it so important? SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it essentially means increasing the visibility of your website within a search engine in order to drive more traffic to your site. Better SEO means more people visiting your website means better business for you. Sounds like an ideal strategy, right? Here’s the catch: you can’t pay Google to get higher organic search ratings. So how can you make SEO work in your favor? It’s all about putting out original content.

Of course if you’ve ever done an internet search (like maybe one that led you to this article) you know that it’s not enough to simply write killer content – it has to be consistent and relevant as well. For example, if you are the owner of a bakery, you should ideally be posting weekly content about all things baking. Social media posts highlighting photos of your confections, blog posts featuring recipes for customers to try at home, or newsletters keeping clients up to date on your latest promotions are all great ways to put consistent and relevant content on the web. What’s the point of creating all this content? Search engines take notice when you’re regularly posting original and useful content which means more traffic to your website when someone is searching for that wedding cake.

2. Know, Like, & Trust Factor

When you’re looking for solid advice, who do you turn to first? Is it an “expert” you’ve never met, or someone you’ve known for a long time? Of course you value advice from those you know more than strangers; that’s how the brain is wired. But when it comes to running your business, you actually are an expert in your field with lots of valuable advice to dish out to your clients, even if you’ve never met them. So how can you prove that you’re trustworthy? Yep, you guessed it – original content.

Even if your business is just one of many, it’s still unique because of YOU. Show that in your content by injecting a little personality. You could share your inspiration for starting your company, include a video on your website so potential clients can put a face to the brand, and of course there’s always humor which works magic on getting people to relate to you. Think about what feels natural to you and your business and run with it – you’ll be surprised at how many potential clients will connect with you.

3. Substance for Social Media

Let’s do a little experiment. Open up your Facebook and scroll until you reach a shared post. Could be a funny meme, a blog post, maybe an advertisement. Whatever it is, click on the original post. How many likes, comments, and shares does that original post have? A lot right? I bet you wish the posts you publish for your business could have that kind of traction. Good news – they can! 

Creating original content on your social media is all about giving clients something they haven’t seen before. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, just be unique enough that followers feel compelled to share your content with others. Every time your post is shared, it increases your visibility online. Remember we talked about SEO? More likes and shares boosts your SEO which you know means more traffic to your site and ultimately more business for you.

4. Educate your audience

When thinking about content, the end game is of course landing clients. But if all you post is advertisements, potential clients will quickly lose interest because they feel that they’re not gaining anything in return. Consider committing part of your online presence to educating your audience about various aspects of your business. Giving your audience something “for free” will make them feel like you truly value their time and money. 

If you own an accounting firm you could write a blog explaining new tax laws that clients would have otherwise never known about. Perhaps you own a pet supply store and can share graphics comparing various brands of food making it quick and easy for pet owners to choose the right one for their furry friend. Although you may not see direct sales from this educational content, it goes a long way in cultivating a relationship with potential clients which is equally as important as sales.


Need help creating and publishing original content for your business? Weatherby Media can help with that. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can optimize your business’s online presence.

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