If you caught my recent blog on pushing original content then you already know how imperative it is to establish that know, like, and trust factor with your business audience. Potential clients are far more likely to connect with and trust you as a person than they are with your business. Studies have even proven that just the sight of a human face increases conversion rates. Think of your own experience when purchasing goods and services – I’m willing to bet you more frequently patronize those businesses to which you can attach a face or a name. So as a business owner how can you successfully become the face of your business? Here are a few of my best tips.

1. Show your face

This is the most obvious, but most critical step in becoming the face of your brand. You need to make all of your social media profile photos actual pictures of you, not your logo. If this isn’t your jam, another option is to maintain both business pages and personal pages, ensuring that you’re consistently publishing content to both of these. That content should feature a mix of business-related and personal, yet professional, posts. People want to see what you’re up to, even if you don’t think it’s all that exciting. But seriously, my posts about my dog, Leo, are the ones that get the most likes!

2. Publish Content in Your Own Voice

To really develop a personal connection with your audience, you don’t want to just be the face of your brand – you want to be the voice too. These two aspects have to align, or followers will see right through you. When publishing content such as a blog or email newsletter, do it under your name, not your brand. People are far more likely to open an email from Jaime Weatherby than they are one from Weatherby Media. Write this content from the first-person perspective, like you’re emailing a friend. After all, you want potential clients to see you as a friend, not just someone to do business with.

3. Be responsive on social media

Once you’ve established a personal presence on social media, you’ll probably notice an increase in the amount of engagement from followers. Take advantage of this and do your best to respond to all messages and comments. Even a simple like will show your followers that you’re appreciative they took the time to support your business. Also keep in mind that potential customers are not likely to see a post and reach out to you the same day. This process takes time, so regular interaction with your followers is necessary to keep moving them down the pipeline.

Additionally, you should leverage social media as a way to engage with other business owners and influencers. The more active you are on social media, the more followers you will gain and this ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

4. Network

Networking is crucial to building a consistent audience. By attending professional networking events, whether in-person or online, you’ll be able to gain more followers in the most personal of ways. Of course the goal is that these contacts will in turn recommend you to their own followers. And although these secondary contacts may have never personally met you, they’ll feel a connection with you. A personal recommendation goes a long way in strengthening that know, like, and trust factor and is worth its weight in gold.

The goal of utilizing all of these tips is to create a natural association between you and your brand. When people hear my name, I want them to think of my business. I want to authentically share my business’s journey with them. And I want them to know that they can trust me with their time and money.

Do you need help becoming the face of your brand? Let Weatherby Media help. Book a strategy call with me today.

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