I know what it’s like to feel like you just can’t get ahead when trying to produce social media content on a daily basis. Even if you plan to post something new each day on your accounts, sometimes time gets away from you! Meetings run long, things come up, and the ten minutes you planned for an Instagram post are used for something you feel is more important. But social media content IS important! In fact, I believe it’s essential to the growth and success of your business, which is why I recommend batching your content creation to lessen your daily stress. 

So what do I mean when I say “batching”? I mean content creation that happens at least a month at a time. This way, you only have to sit down once a month to create and schedule the social media content you will share. If you choose to batch your content creation, building your brand on social media will be a whole lot easier. 

Here are three simple tips to get started!

1. Take Time To Brainstorm

It’s important to brainstorm what type of content you want to put out on your social media. You know what’s best for your audience and what they respond most to…and if you don’t, take a look back at your prior posts to see where your audience is most engaged. Use this knowledge to duplicate these types of posts monthly. If you work with a team of people, put your heads together on what you should include in your posts. Finally, look at competitors in your market and what they post, and which content gains the most engagement from their audiences. This step can sometimes be the most challenging part, so use your resources wisely!

2. Dedicate Time To Content Creation In Your Schedule

This may be the most critical aspect to batching your content creation. Five minutes a day dedicated to your content creation wasn’t working for a reason. You weren’t dedicating the time because you weren’t putting it in your schedule and if you’re anything like me, if it’s not on my calendar it just doesn’t happen. When you batch your content, you need to carve out a substantial amount of time in your schedule just for content creation. Then, block it out on your calendar at a regular time each month so that there won’t be any other scheduling conflicts. Trust me, when you know that you’ll only be sitting down to do this once a month, you won’t mind giving up any of your time to do it! And don’t worry if the first month seems like it’s taking forever! With each passing month, you will find the amount of time you have to spend lessens. 

 3. Use A Scheduling Tool

At the very least, you need to use a calendar to schedule out when you will post on your social accounts. But what works even better than a calendar is one of the many scheduling tools offered for you to use during your content creation. Tools like Loomly allow you to attach all of your social media accounts to a single calendar and upload your creatives to that calendar to be automatically published. Essentially, you set it and forget it until the next month rolls around. Do your research around what scheduling tool may work for you, as each has unique offerings at differing price points. Whichever you choose, it will immediately lessen the burden of content creation!

Applied these steps but still feel overwhelmed? That’s where Weatherby Media can help! Our team has expert knowledge about all things content marketing. Download The Guide to Batching Content Creation to help you plan out your monthly content creation or reach out to us to have all of your content created for you every month!

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