You already know that communicating with your email contacts is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy, and hey, maybe you’re even following through on that! But how comprehensive is your email marketing plan? Are you sending out consistent newsletters? Do you have a solid nurture sequence in place to warm up any leads? When you’re advertising a big event, like a promotion, do your contacts get an entirely separate series of emails with the details? If you answered no to any of these questions, then your strategy isn’t working as well as it could be to convert those email contacts into actual clients.

But once you’ve recognized the holes in your email marketing plan, what steps can you take to fill them in? While I’m admittedly a little biased, the best solution is to turn over your email communications to a digital marketing team that has the time and expertise to develop both the game plan and the actual emails. Here are three of the components of email marketing we focus on at Weatherby Media:

Nurture Sequences

Have you ever signed up with your email address to receive a coupon code and subsequently received what feels like one hundred emails from that company? While some businesses take it a little too far, this method is actually incredibly effective in converting leads when done correctly. A nurture sequence does just that—it nurtures a cold lead into becoming a warm lead by consistently staying in front of them and building that know, like, and trust factor. A team of digital marketing experts will know exactly what to include in these emails as well as how to deploy them to get the most bang for your buck.


Once you’ve captured an email address, what’s next? You need to be sending monthly, or better yet, weekly email newsletters that tell your contacts what’s new and upcoming at your business. But if you want those open rates to increase, these emails need to be more than just a short text blast. You want your readers to look forward to seeing your name in their inbox because they can expect new and valuable information each time they open an email from you. Interesting content such as blogs, promotions, and industry tips is what prevents people from unsubscribing and encourages them to become paying customers. It takes a good chunk of time each week to create a successful and appealing email newsletter, so unloading this task to your digital marketing team will allow you to focus on continuing to grow your business.

Sales Funnel Emails

So you’ve developed a hefty list of contacts through your nurture sequence, and you’re regularly communicating with them through email newsletters. It’s time to see all your hard work literally pay off by developing a sales funnel sequence. Let’s say you run a Black Friday sale each year. Your digital marketing team can help build a sense of urgency around the promotion by creating an email sequence to encourage leads to buy your product or service before time runs out. This series differs from the nurture sequence because rather than introducing readers to your business, you’re enticing them to become paying customers with a limited-time offer.

While you may think email marketing is easy enough to handle on your own, a lot goes into developing a truly effective strategy. So let’s talk about how we can customize a plan for your business during a discovery call!

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