One of the greatest ways to engage with your current and potential clients is to use email marketing. We’ve already explained how sending an email newsletter on a monthly or even weekly basis will call attention to your business and help your audience stay current with what is happening. And automated email series are imperative in moving people through your sales funnel.

We talk to so many business owners who are succeeding in sending these emails, but wonder why their open rates are in the single digits. So how can you drive effective engagement through email marketing campaigns? To avoid your emails going directly to the recipient’s trash and ensure you’re producing engaging email marketing, here are five simple strategies to put in place.

1. Use eye-catching subject lines

Your audience is far more likely to engage with your email if the subject is attention-grabbing. Be sure to craft subjects and subheadings that outline what is included in your email and make the recipient actually want to open it! Even people who generally delete email marketing campaigns will open an email with a subject that presents an offer, asks a question, or makes a strong statement. Take a look back at the most opened campaigns you’ve sent and model the subject of upcoming emails accordingly. You can even use our guide to Crafting the Perfect Email Subject Line as guidance!

2. Make sure your branding reflects your personality

Having a strong brand, and reflecting that brand in your communications, will make for more engaging email marketing. You want current and potential customers to get a sense of your brand as soon as they click open. Be sure to have a polished template that allows your audience to get a feel for who you are and what your company represents. The voice within the content of your email should also resemble your own. Your audience should walk away with the urge to visit your website or social accounts. The longer they engage with your marketing, the more likely they are to become a customer!

3. Add value to your email communications

Maybe you have a special offer or discount the recipient can only use after opening your email. Perhaps you are offering some sort of educational video or infographic they can download after opening. Or maybe there is an invitation that they will receive upon reading. Anything a potential customer perceives as an added value will make for a more engaging email marketing campaign.

4. Include new content

If a recipient knows your email will include the same content every time, you can be sure they won’t open it. Conversely, if you always include new, enriching content within each email, your audience will look forward to opening it each month. Including business updates, special offers, client testimonials or spotlights, and new blog posts with each mailing are some ways to create engaging email marketing content.

5. Place Calls-to-action throughout your email

If you don’t ask your email recipient to engage with your email, odds are….they won’t. By placing calls to action in several places throughout your campaign, you allow people to quickly book a consultation call, follow social media pages, or download freebies. The more they engage with your email, the more likely they will continue opening future campaigns and eventually book a service. 

We know that creating engaging email marketing can be a struggle, but we also know how important building your email list is to the success of your business. Need help setting up an engaging email marketing campaign? Want a refresh of your existing campaigns? Or do you want someone to manage the whole process for you? We’re ready to help! So book a Discovery Call today!

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