Websites play such a critical role in business today—I mean, you can run an entire company from your web page rather than tying yourself to a brick and mortar location! This is why it’s imperative to ensure you’re presenting your audience with an attractive and efficient website. As a digital marketer, I know how much work goes into creating a site: the branding, the layout, the images, all tell your story in a way that captures your audience and sells your product. But what’s just as important as crafting the perfect website, is driving traffic to it on a regular basis. There are so many ways to achieve this, but our best advice is to be sure you are following the fool-proof steps below!

1. Leverage your social media

It’s essential to have a significant social media presence when you are attempting to drive potential clients to your website. Posting regularly is an easy way to get eyes on your website, as your audience will be intrigued by what they see on your social media. With so many social media platforms, it can be hard to decide on where your business will best be served. It’s super important to understand your potential clients and align your social media presence where they may have accounts. Be sure to link your website within your posts so potential clients have an easy way to access it.

2. Run paid ads

Ads are a great way to reach a cold audience—one that might not already know about your business or follow your social accounts. This strategy may seem like an obvious one, but some business owners shy away from running paid ads because getting them up and running can be a little tricky on the back end. It’s important to monitor and adjust your ad strategy and understand how much return on investment you are getting from your ads. But if you are trying to increase traffic to your website, this is a sure-fire way to achieve that!

3. Optimize Your seo

Do your research when it comes to which keywords you are using throughout your content. Narrow down a list of keywords or phrases that you will use purposefully in all of your website content, but especially in headers and metadata. This way, when your potential customers search for these words or phrases, your website will be one of the first results. While it may seem overwhelming to describe your products or services in just a few keywords, SEO will help drive organic traffic to your website.

4. Share your knowledge

Creating valuable content such as helpful infographics, video tutorials, or free webinars are some great ways to draw an audience to your website. Customers want to feel like you are offering them something at no cost, so show your expertise and build your audience while also driving traffic to your website. These educational tools can also help build your email list by asking your audience to subscribe to your newsletter to access the free material. This brings us to our final piece of advice…

5. Publish a newsletter on a regular basis

A monthly newsletter is an easy way to drive your audience to your website. Within a consistently published newsletter, you can give updates about your business, feature deals, and link blog posts. All of these features can link directly to your website and will give your existing audience a reason to revisit your website, or better yet, forward the information to others who may not already be in your regular audience. 

Now it’s your turn to implement these strategies! And if you find you are having trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation call with our digital marketing experts! We are ready to help you connect and populate your social accounts with media your customers want to see, run your ads, optimize your SEO and manage your newsletter!

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