So you’re ready to create a lead magnet to generate new leads and build your email list, but where do you start? There are many different incentives to place in your lead magnet, and you’ll want to understand what your audience would be most interested in when they encounter your call to action. Here are several highly effective lead magnets that have worked marketing wonders!

1. Create A Free Template Or Checklist

Checklists are easy to create and are a great addition to your lead magnet. They are also easily consumed and are often in demand. This is a great way to market to your potential clients, as they will feel they are able to take actionable steps toward a goal.

2. Make a How To-Guide

If people are seeking your services, including a how-to guide will definitely grab and keep their attention, just like our How to Craft the Perfect Email Subject Line guide! This lead magnet may take a little longer to create but offers a lot of value to a potential client. 

3. Offer a short lecture or educational video

Like the how-to guide, a webinar or short lecture series offers a lot of valuable information to a potential client. They will be quick to give you their information in exchange for knowledge they may otherwise have to pay for. Plus, including a video component showcases the real people behind your business. Viewers will get a feel for the people behind your business and form a different type of connection than they may have without a video component.

4. Host a webinar

Like a lecture or educational video, a webinar allows potential clients to see you! But, even better than a simple video, a webinar is also time sensitive so that you will connect with future clients in a finite amount of time.

5. Offer a limited Subscription or Free trial of services

People love free things! Offering a limited subscription to your services or a free trial will give potential clients the experience of utilizing your services, and when the time comes for them to pay for your services, they will!

6. Include quizzes or surveys

People love to take quizzes! There’s a reason you can’t scroll by a BuzzFeed quiz without taking it. People are naturally curious about themselves or want some quick entertainment, so if the quiz you create is an engaging one, you will have a lot of people offering their contact information in exchange for their results.

Need help building an effective lead magnet for your company? We’re here to help. We will take you through how to create your lead magnet, ensure views, and get hundreds of new potential clients into your email list! If you’re ready to get started, book a free exploratory call today!

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