Founding Member's Launch

We're offering a lifetime promotional rate for the first founding members to join us in this new program. 

Program officially launches the first week in October 2023. All members who join before will get additional 1:1 support through the month of September. After the first members join, the cost of the program is anticipated to increase.

Chief Marketing Officer Level Advising to

Build and Optimize Your Core Marketing Systems

Together, we'll simplify how to attract your ideal customer and develop sustainable business growth. We're with you every step of the way.

What's in it for you?

The CMO Advisors Program is the PERFECT marketing solution for small businesses.

Marketing Support at a Fraction of an Agency Cost

You know you need marketing in your business to grow, but not quite at the size where you have a sizeable marketing budget to work with.

 End Feast or Famine in Your Business

Marketing is THE foundation for getting off the business roller coaster. You'll create core systems focused on automation and consistency for sustained growth.

Gain Confidence in Tech, Tactics and Implementation

You'll no longer need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by all the technology, needing clarification on what tactics to use or fail to implement consistently. We'll provide education, training, and ongoing access to questions.

Who should join the CMO Advisors Program?

  • Business Owners
    If you're a new, small, or solo business owner, you might still be in the 'I wear all the hats' phase of business. If so, this program is perfect for you to personally participate in to fast-track your growth with simple, effective marketing systems.
  • Support Staff Tasked with Marketing
    Do you have an administrative assistant, office manager, or front desk person who either is or could be helping with your marketing? Leveraging the staff you already have is a cost-effective, scalable way to grow. By having them participate in the CMO Advisors Program, we will educate, train, and support them to effectively build and optimize your core marketing systems.
  • Business Owners Wanting to Hire Cost-Effective Marketing Support
    As part of the CMO Advisors Program, we'll provide training and guidance to hire an admin assistant or marketing specialist. We know where to go and what to look for in the best candidate. Once you've hired help, we'll be able to provide the tools they need to be successful in creating your core marketing systems. 

What's included

Let's talk about what you can expect from the CMO Advisors Program! You'll find additional information in the FAQ section, and we can answer any other questions during our exploratory call.

Areas of Focus

  • Brand Messaging
  • Website, Landing & Sales Pages
  • Sales Funnel Builds
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • Hiring Marketing Support

Program Structure

  • 1:1 Kick-off meeting to lay the strategic direction for your marketing
  • Online community portal to ask questions and create collective learning
  • Weekly group calls with live Q&A, ongoing training, and guest speakers
  • Consistent release of recorded training for the Areas of Focus so you can learn at your own pace


  • The program is a 6-month commitment
  • After the first 6-months, you can continue in the program on a month-to-month basis at a reduced alum rate
  • Once you're in the alum phase, you can cancel at any time with a 30 calendar-day notice of your recurring payment date

Let's get you started with Weatherby Media's

CMO Advisors Program


Book a Call 

Jump on a call with me, Jaime Weatherby, CEO of Weatherby Media, and your primary CMO Advisor for the program. I'll answer all your questions, discuss benefits, and see if Weatherby Media's CMO Advisors is right for you.


Enroll in CMO Advisors

We offer a variety of payment options to make the program accessible. Once you start, we'll schedule your kick-off meeting, connect you to the online community, and add those weekly calls to your calendar.


Create Systems & Growth

We'll outline the core marketing systems your business needs and create a clear, simple direction for you to start creating and optimizing them with ongoing support from the CMO Advisors.

We've created outstanding results for over 100+ Businesses

We know how overwhelming marketing can feel with all the technology, how to know what to say, and staying consistent. We've built marketing strategies for over 100 businesses and can't wait to streamline what we know so you can get our simple, effective formula for creating your core marketing systems.

Kassie Soldano


ClearView Bookkeeping

I am so excited about our work with Jaime and her team at Weatherby Media! They knocked it out of the park with our website design! Our team felt served and supported through the entire process. There wasn't a question or worry that wasn't addressed, and they did a great job of helping us focus our message! Thank you so much for your hard work!

Services: Squarespace Website Design and Copy

Darrin Hasley


Capstone Realty

Jaime and the entire Weatherby team were fantastic to work with! Very organized, collaborative, creative, and easy to work with. They took our marketing and branding efforts to the next level. Would highly recommend them!

Services: Email Marketing and Social Media Content

Jamie & Emily


Nurture by NAPS

Jaime, Jess, and the whole team at Weatherby Media have been a massive asset to us in up-leveling our systems and creating a more streamlined marketing plan. Weatherby Media does everything from content creation to backend system communication to project management and ads management. They helped our business to go from a ton of backend manual work to creating automated systems that made our lives easier as business owners. They also pay great attention to detail and provide reporting and explanation in a clear, easy-to-understand way. We can't thank Weatherby Media enough for all they have done for us and our business.

Services: Social and Google Paid Advertising, Email Marketing and Robust Email Marketing Automation, Funnel Building including Lead Magnets, Landing Pages, and Sales Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

How much time will I need to invest?

You can take your marketing work as fast or slow as you'd like! Some of the work we'll be doing are projects, like if you need to create a new website or sales funnel materials. Some of your marketing will be ongoing, like social media and email marketing. Your best bet is to start at a lower volume, realistic pace for you to build momentum and consistency. Set aside a minimum of 4 hours weekly to develop your marketing.

Regarding the structured program, our group calls will be 90 minutes to 2 hours long, and you can connect and ask questions through the community portal.

What if I don't have that kind of time?

We can relate and fully appreciate the feeling of not having enough time. Things usually cost time or money to accomplish, and sometimes, a little sweat equity may be required to build momentum. I promise you, you'll regret not making strong marketing systems down the road. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this core element of your business -

You - If you have no additional budget beyond participating in the program, you'll need to prioritize the time to create the systems to generate revenue that you can invest in your business for additional support.

A Current Team Member - Do you have anyone on your team with capacity? If you do, you don't have to be the one to participate in this program and create the marketing materials. Assign this work to a team member. 

A New Hire - Could you hire admin-type support? This will be more cost-effective than hiring a marketing company. They could help with your marketing and even other elements of your business. Where most folks go wrong is they hire this person with minimal marketing experience and find they aren't overly effective. That's where the CMO Advisors come in.

Hire Us to Do Your Marketing - We create and execute marketing strategies for our clients all the time! It's what we do outside of this CMO Advisors Program. If you'd like to explore partnering with us differently so that WE can create and optimize your core marketing systems, then book a time for us to talk it over! We'd love to take it off your plate.

What if I'm not good at copywriting or design?

That's okay! You can share your work, and we'll provide constructive feedback to improve. We'll show you how to leverage easy design tools like Canva and AI like Chat GPT. There are many tools to help non-designers and writers create fantastic marketing materials. You need to know how to use them most effectively. That's what we are here for.

Ultimately, we'd love to see you (the business owner) grow beyond doing this exclusively yourself. We'll guide you on hiring support to take over your program participation and marketing. We'll look for someone with the passion and skills for copy, design, and strategy so that you can return to your zone of genius. This is where the magic happens.

What are the payment options?

We offer several payment options, including a best-value pay-in-full option and additional payment plans. During our exploratory call, let's discuss your budget and what works best for you to get you started.

What does it mean to be a Founding Member?

We offer a lifetime promotional rate to the first ten people joining the CMO Advisors Program. As a founding member, we'll lock you into this reduced pricing as a thank-you for being part of our first cohort! After the first ten members join, the program's cost will increase.

The program is scheduled to launch in the first week of October 2023. Founding members who join any time in September will get 1:1 support until the program launches, and your 6-month participation will begin in October.

How much one on one time will I get?

You'll start with a 90-minute kick-off meeting to ensure you're comfortable navigating and utilizing the program. Then, we'll dive into your marketing strategy. After that, you can ask for individual help in a group setting by posting your question to the community forum or asking your question during our group Q&A calls.
Marketing is a combination of creativity and strategic tactics. We know many brains are better than one or two. Learning as a group will give you a broader knowledge of what works, more profound creativity, and new/better ideas than you would in a one-to-one format.

If you want additional 1:1 time with a CMO Advisor, you can purchase individual or bundled hourly support packages at a discounted rate as a CMO Advisors Program member.