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Every aspect of Digital Marketing works together. Social media drives traffic to your website, while blog posts allow you to share original, valuable content with your audience and you stay connected and build trust through email.

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Any aspect of digital marketing doesn’t work independently of each other.


 Social Media Posting only interacts with your existing audience


Without advertising, you don’t get beyond your existing reach. Without blogs and lead magnets your interaction is shallow and never pushes someone along the sales funnel from “potential client” to “paying customer.” 



Email Doesn’t work unless you are growing your audience

On average 2% of your email list will buy when you run a promotion. The more engaged your audience is the higher this number becomes. You have to constantly be growing your email list and deepening your relationship with the subscribers to increase sales. To do this, you must create lead magnets that you are driving traffic to through social media.


 A beautiful website without information going in or out is like a house in the woods with no roads leading to or from it

Picture yourself paving roads to your website from the rest of the internet. When you share blogs on social media and create new,  keyword focused content that catches Google’s attention for organic traffic, you start building pathways for people to get to your website. If you 

Without keyword focus content, such as blogging, going out of your website being shared by social media and those social media pages driving referral traffic to your website, your website has no way of telling people you are there.  SEO only works if you do. Engaging in information is the only way to build traffic online. They way you do that is to pair on-page SEO with engagement strategies like Social Media and Blogging.

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Custom Packages

All packages are expertly created to achieve the best outcome possible in the shortest period of time to get your new Digital Marketing Freelance Business thriving! However, we understand that different people have different needs and will build custom coaching packages to reach your specific goals.

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What We Do Best

Web Design

Beautiful, mobile friendly, SEO focused website designs that speak to your ideal customer.

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Email Marketing

Build and leverage the audience you own - your email list. One of the most profitable assets in your business.

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Social Media Management

Gain access to your client who spends on average 2.5hrs a day on social.

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Blog Post Writing

The best way to build trust and your business's searchability.

Packages: Blog  & List Building →

Packages: Blog & SEO →

Email Sales Funnels

Educate, build trust and make more sales through perfectly timed and executed email sales funnels.

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SEO strategy

There's nothing better then a steady flow of organic traffic to your site. Maximize rankings & referral traffic.

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Buy all your website hosting, domains, security, emails and more through



Become a Digital Marketing Freelancer

Ready to launch your own Digital Marketing Freelance business? Gain personal and financial freedom by building your clientele as large or small as you want it to be. If you are a college student, full time mom, working at a job you love but need a little extra cash flow or maybe you are looking to go all in and make digital marketing a full-time, scaleable business - our coaching programs will get you there.



Sejal Badani

USA Today, Washington Post & Amazon Best Selling Author

My partnership with Weatherby Media made a tremendous difference during the launch of my second bestselling novel, The Storyteller’s Secret. I honestly wish I had Jaime when I was launching my first book. She covers all my bases from creating multiple websites, managing my social media and creating content. I am grateful for her creativity, marketing acumen, work ethic, professionalism, wonderful demeanor, knowledge of current trends, and commitment to her clientele. She is an asset and I look forward to our continued partnership over the course of my career.


Mary Lablanc

Owner, Studio Vie Salon

Social media isn’t my strength. Working with Weatherby Media has my business looking sharp and constantly placed in front of existing and potential clients. Jaime is professional and takes the time to get to know who you are. This is obvious in your social feeds – worth every penny!

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