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It’s time to get out of the 1:1 relationship building trap. Digital marketing allows you access to an unlimited number of ideal customers.

Social followers become email subscribers and email subscribers become paying clients or customers. Package these strategies together and you’ll see exponential business beyond anything that’s possible with face to face networking.


Online Marketing Packages

Digital marketing works best in packages. Each piece has a role to play in moving your ideal customer through your sales funnel. 

Take a look at our services and sample packages. Just remember, everything we do is completely customized to fit your needs. Schedule some time with us to talk over options and create a custom quote. 

Service Details

Social Media Management

Content Strategy & Calendar 

Branded Suite of Post Images

Tailored Post Images

Editing of Client Photos

Post Copy Writing

Optimization of Posting Schedule

Client Post Review & Approval

Access to Professional Post Scheduling Software

Platform Page Updates 

Social Advertising

Setup Ads Account

Ad Image Creation

Ad Copy Writing

Optimization of Target Audience

Creation of Ad “Retargeting” Audiences 

Embedding Facebook Pixel

Strategic Ad Deployment for Desired Outcome

A/B Testing for Optimal Ad Performance

Retargeted Ad Campaigns 

EmaIl Sales Sequences 

Multi-Email Sales Funnel 

Compelling Copy Email Draft

Branding & Email Optimization

2 Revisions of Emails

Preview of Email for Final Approval

Trigger Setup for Email Automation

Distribution to Target Audience in Email List Service Provider

Blog Post Writing

Curation of Optimized Content

SEO Focused Copy Writing

500-800 Words in Length

2 Revisions of Content

Image Creation to Pair with Post

Social Media Image Creation for Promotion

2 Social Media Posts per Blog

Post Blog to Website

Email Newsletter

Manage Draft Email for Timely Content

Newsletter Copy Writing

Image Creation and Optimization 

2 Revisions of Newsletter

Preview of Email for Final Approval

Deployment of Email to Target Audience

Email Resent to Non-Openers

Email List Building

Create Downloadable PDF (Lead Magnet) 

Increased Value to Blog Post Content with Downloadable Giveaway 

Actionable Items for Potential Clients

Identify Distribution Channels for Lead Magnet

Embed Website Forms & Pop Ups

Landing Page for Distribution

Lead Magnet Email Autoresponder 

Digital Marketing

Sample Packages


Facebook Management

Instagram Management

Email Newsletter


Facebook Management

Instagram Management

Email Newsletter

Facebook Ads Mangement

Blog Post Writing


Facebook Management

Instagram Management

Email Newsletter

Blog Post Writing

Pinterest Management

Pinterest Re-Pinning & Pin Looping

Facebook Ads Management

Downloadable PDF Generation

Do you want


Growth with your social media?

 Then stop putting it on the back burner. Develop a strategy that not only works but allows you to stay consistent and stop stressing it.

It’s time to get the:

Looking for

Mind Blowing

 email open rates?

 Then you need to be methodical and deliberate in how you approach each and every email subject line.

Download the Guide to:


Social Media Page Creation

A fully branded, complete social media page or profile from built from scratch.

Social Media Page Rebranding

For those who have an existing social media page or profile that is outdated or incomplete.

Email Service Provider & Email Template Creation

Complete email service provider account setup to host your email list along with a branded email template for use in future email campaigns.


Foundational PDF content giveaway to use to grow your email list and to act as a template for future lead magnets.


The creation of additional downloadable PDFs to add value and drive list building once the foundational PDF has been created.

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