Marketing Audit

Analysis & Improvement

Not sure where to start or how you’re doing with your marketing? Sometimes, it’s hard to know how effective you’re being, how to improve, and what’s your most impactful next step to take. So, before you do anything, let us audit your current marketing efforts and give you comprehensive feedback to build an effective marketing strategy.


Marketing Audit Service

Preliminary Comprehensive Questionnaire
This questionnaire gives us insight into who you are, who you serve, your current marketing strategy, what’s working and what isn’t working. A WM marketing expert will review your questionnaire to develop feedback for your review meeting.
1-Hour Marketing Audit Review Meeting
Once we’ve received and reviewed your questionnaire and all marketing materials. We will schedule a 1-hour meeting to go over our feedback, suggestions on how to improve, and discuss your action items.


Marketing Improvement Plan
Following your 1-hour meeting, you’ll receive a marketing improvement plan based on our findings. 

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