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We help service-based, passionate small business owners, like you, to create and amplify an online presence with authenticity and value-packed content. We’ll generate a loyal, engaged audience while you stay focused on your mission and gain long-term, sustained business growth.

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audience growth

The more people at the top of your funnel, aka. in your audience, the more people will come out the bottom as paying customers. Our strategies focus on building your sphere of influence.

rule of 7

Researchers have studied buying behavior repeatedly, and it’s definitive, someone needs to see something on average seven times before making a purchase. Comprehensive packages diversify your marketing strategy and create enough frequency for those seven touches.

know, like & trust

While creating those seven opportunities for you to get in front of your ideal customer, we focus on content that helps people get to know you, start to like you, and most importantly, trust you to feel comfortable buying from you.

Weatherby Media has been one of the best choices we made in our marketing department last year. They are prompt, professional, and responsive. They go above and beyond when it comes to ease in working with them. It’s almost hands-free. We get rave reviews about the professional quality of the posts on both Facebook and Instagram as well. I see the ROI that our social media marketing is coming through with, and I am thrilled to have this critical piece of our marketing and branding in the hands of true professionals at Weatherby Media.

Tammy Caveney

Owner, Maid for You


Digital marketing should grow your audience, build authentic relationships, and keep you top of mind. Regardless of how you choose to collaborate with us on your marketing, our comprehensive approach will build a pipeline of consistent new business. 

Facebook & Google Ads • Social Media Management • Email Marketing • Blog Post Copywriting


Your website is the foundation of your online presence so you want it to be professional, easy to navigate and speak to your ideal client. Our Squarespace websites are mobile responsive and user friendly.


The logo and branding for your business should emulate your personality, speak to your brand values and attract your audience. Leave it to us to create your brand style to use for all your future marketing and media.


The average person spends about 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media every single day. As a business owner, you’re missing an incredible opportunity by not capitalizing on that screen time. 

With this Kickstarter Package, you’ll get templates, a content strategy, updated bios, and cover photos, and implementation support. Let’s take the guesswork out of leveraging social media for your business.


Weatherby Media is a passionate, dynamic team led by Jaime Weatherby. We’ve been building the brands of small businesses since 2016. Our obsession with entrepreneurship and business growth makes us as invested as you are in seeing your business thrive through our partnership.


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Growth with your social media?

 Then stop putting it on the back burner. Develop a strategy that not only works but allows you to stay consistent and stop stressing it.

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What Our Clients Say


Sejal Badani

USA Today, Washington Post & Amazon Best Selling Author

My partnership with Weatherby Media made a tremendous difference during the launch of my second bestselling novel, The Storyteller’s Secret. I honestly wish I had Jaime when I was launching my first book. She covers all my bases from creating multiple websites, managing my social media and creating content. I am grateful for her creativity, marketing acumen, work ethic, professionalism, wonderful demeanor, knowledge of current trends, and commitment to her clientele. She is an asset and I look forward to our continued partnership over the course of my career.


Rebecca A.

Project Director, Human Trafficking Task Force

I have had such a wonderful experience working with Weatherby (Jaime) Media. It was personalized and thoughtful. I have no website management or building experience but was able to share my ideas and feedback which Jaime ran with and the result was excellent. She was also able to support me with early website management and help me learn how to keep my page updated. She made this mysterious challenge into a breeze!

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